Friday, November 10, 2006

Samhain Interlude, 2006

I've been reading poetry aloud as a devotional practice for a while, following John Plummer's discussion of the use of this technique by Rudolph Steiner. John Plummer's book "Living Mysteries" is an excellent point of departure for folks wondering what to do once the veil between the worlds has been dropped.

Here is one of the selections I chose for this Samhain, reading it aloud in my nemyss.

From God's Drum by Hartley Alexander---

The Last Song

Let it be beautiful
when I sing the last song-------
Let it be day!

I would stand upon my two feet,
I would look upwards with open eyes,

I would have the winds to envelope my body;
I would have the sun to shine upon my body;
The whole world I would have to make music with me!

Let it be beautiful
when thou wouldst slay me, O Shining One!
Let it be day
when I sing the last song!


O Mitakuye Oyasin Pahizi. May you dream well with the thunderbirds.

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John Plummer said...

Lovely poem! And thanks for the kind recommend - Living Mysteries is out of print at the moment, but due for re-publication by the Rising Phoenix Foundation. Hopefully soon.

Blog more often - I always enjoy your posts -